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Gigabyte Radeon x64 8gig

$460.00  /  0.02924 Ƀ
Used 2 months Great condition like new Never Overclocked

Gigabyte Vega 64 oc-8gig edition

$600.00  /  0.03814 Ƀ
Used for about a month Never OCd past stock Great condition With box

Gigabyte Vega x64 8g OC edition

$625.00  /  0.03973 Ƀ
Basically new Was used for about 1 boot up then machine turned off and in storage atleast 6 months From

Gigabyte x64 8g OC edition

$600.00  /  0.03814 Ƀ
Used for about 2 months Excellent condition Includes box

Nintendo 3ds pink

$55.00  /  0.0035 Ƀ
Tested and workingNo chargerNo gamesNo other issues, as found on:

Nintendo DS Lite – for parts or quick repair

$20.00  /  0.00127 Ƀ
UsedTested and workingBad points:No chargerPressing right does not workScreen does not hold up itself just flops aboutGood points:Everything not listed