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2x Left NARVA 12v Bumper Bar lights

$49.00  /  0.00311 Ƀ
Untested due to not having this type of car.

Vintage BAHCO nail puller made in sweden

$99.00 $79.00  /  0.00501 Ƀ
Vintage nail puller.Got someone you don't like? Pull out their nails with this gruesome instrument…..Woops I mean.. use on any

Vintage burman hair clippers

$10.00  /  0.00063 Ƀ
Great conditionWith box

Vintage metal stand stool

$50.00  /  0.00317 Ƀ
Heavy and old. Paris written on top. Very brittol

Vintage OEM Ford Galaxie side mirror AJ 100021

$94.00  /  0.00597 Ƀ
minor pitting but not deep. Quick polish will make it look like new again.. Would not need elbow grease :)Seen

Vintage wildfire stove

$350.00  /  0.02221 Ƀ
Antique vintage wood burning stove. Rest drea